Thursday, November 1, 2012

Super Simple Sailor Costum

With having a new baby a little over a month ago, I knew the kids costumes were going to have to be easy.  No major sewing for me this year.

While vacationing near Willimington, NC, we visited the Battleship North Carolina.  At the gift shop Grammie bought the boys sailor hats.  They both really liked them, so that got me thinking about Halloween.

All we would need is a pair of navy blue pants (staple in any boy's closet) and a plain navy blue shirt.  We had a reversible belt with white on one side, so all we needed was the sailor collar.

I found this Sailor Collar Pattern online and used it for my template.  I also had some white flannel on hand to sew the collar out of, but you could use almost any fabric.  I was thinking of putting ribbon around it to finish it off, but I discovered that my sewing machine had some fancy stitches that would work nicely.  I used that stitch and sewed around the collar.

Fancy Stitches on Sewing Machine

Sailor Collar Stitching

 Here is the final product:

I love the way this turned out, so I thought I would share with my fellow crafting friends.  I hope everyone had a safe Halloween.


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