Friday, March 4, 2011

Tyler's Fourth Birthday - Part One

Hi everyone - As I mentioned in my last post I was busy working on my son, Tyler's fourth birthday party invitations and decorations.  I have just completed the invitations and was very excitted to share with everyone.  Tyler wanted a Disney "Cars" theme and I just got the Cars cartridge on clearance from Michael's, so it worked out well.

When I sketching out the card I wanted to incorporate the western landscape as part of the invitation.  All my plans involved a great deal of work and since I was making more than a few I was getting discouraged, but then I looked up and had an epiphany of sorts.  When I looked up I was looking at several photos of our trip out west that we have on our wall.  I then thought that I could use on of those as the perfect backdrop for McQueen.  It took some searching, but I finally found a perfect one from when we were in Zion Nation Park.  It had the western feel and the road in perspective, couldn't scrapbook that any better than the real thing.  Next, I used the computer to add the text and printed it out on photo paper.  The Lighting Mcqueen is cut at 2 1/4" from the Pixar Cars Cricut cartridge.

For the back I used the computer again for the text and flag image.  Again, I printed it out onto photo paper.  Then I used the Pixar Cars Cricut cartridge again for the Piston Cup and McQueen cut outs.

The front and back were then adhered to an A2 size piece of yellow card stock.

A little time consuming, but I couldn't be more pleased with the way they turned out.  Next up will be the banner.  Tyler has wanted ever since he saw Bryan's first birthday banner.  I learned some things from making  his, so I am looking to seeing Tyler's.

Thanks for stopping by - Melanie