Monday, April 4, 2011

Tyler's Fourth Birthday - Part Two

Finally have some quite time around the house and I can post more projects from Tyler's birthday.  Here is the Birthday Banner that I made for him.  It was really fun to make and I took what I learned from Bryan's Banner to make this one read better.

I also made the center piece of Cars characters.  A little time consuming, but worth it.  I am sure I can reuse them in his scrapbook pages. 

I also wanted the birthday boy to have a special shirt.  He was running the race course in the picture.  He is fast like Lighting McQueen.  I also made a quick shirt for my youngest son as well.

What party wouldn't be complete with a cake.  Here is the Lighting McQueen cake that I made for the party.  It was a little crazy getting it finished for the party, but I made it.

Lastly, here our the proud parents where did the time go.

Hope you enjoyed them,


  1. omg - he is just the cutest little boy. Great decorations. Great job

  2. The cake is great! The decorations are really nice! TFS!

  3. Wow, everything looks great! Cars is a tricky cartridge to work with, all those little bitty pieces, you have inspired me to get it back out again. The cake is awesome too!! (this comment is not from Michael, my husband, but from me, Betty, I have no idea how to change the google thingy!) LOL

  4. I love this and you have inspired me to try this for my youndest son's 2nd birthday. I have attempted working with the Cars cartridge but have been frustrated since my cricut does not seem to like cutting the cars little layers/details. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, all your decorations, cake and T-shirts look fantastic!

  5. A.Ayala - If you look closely I picked one of the simpliest Lighting McQeen's to use for the invitations. I would make the cuts as large as you can. I also put in a new blade and that made a difference. I also recall that there was a tiny layer for the hood that would never cut right and I just didn't put it on. Only I new it wasn't there. Hope that helps, Good luck!

  6. Looks like so many great decorations for a fun birthday.

    I am a new follower. Hope you can stop by.
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